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What is Inspiration Day?

In 2023, nearly 200 participants from over 35 service providers attended the annual Netaxis Inspiration Day. In 2024, Inspiration Day is Back and Stronger Than Ever! Exciting news! This time, in collaboration with Cisco , Akixi, Netsapiens and Oracle, we are planning to double the size of the event with up to 400 attendees.

With a focus on both technical and commercial topics, the event features leading service providers, analysts and vendors in cloud communications to help attendees gain insights into new communication and collaboration technology & successful commercial strategies.

Luminates Feature Rich Unified Communications Solution -

Powered by Netsapiens

Video Conferencing:

  • Collaborate easily across all of your devices.
  • Effortlessly share screens and documents
  • Conduct secure face-to-face meetings, wherever you are.
  • Easily join or schedule video conferences with calendar integrations.
  • Replay or download your online meetings for convenient on-demand viewing.

Collaborate anywhere, from any device!

Our platform’s robust instant messaging features are designed to simplify your workday, boost collaboration, and enhance productivity—ultimately leading to more successful and unified interactions within your team.

  • Tailor your channels to suit you, coworkers, departments and more.
  • Stay connected across all of your devices.
  • Connect via public and private channels.
  • Easily switch between devices through the day.
  • Sync your presence to let others know if you’re available.

Experience our state-of-the-art, secure, and all-in-one cloud-native Contact Centre solution.

  • Increased profit margins, pay for what you use.
  • Exceptional voice Quality and reliability
  • Streamlined Communications
  • Greater platform ownership and control.
  • Flexibility to customise products and prices.

Unlock the potential of our feature rich analytics suite: Tools for business, designed to empower your business with valuable benefits, transforming data into tangible, business-enhancing results.

  • Custom Performance Dashboards
  • Smart Insights for All
  • Displaying What Truly Counts
  • Extracting Insights from Every Interaction
  • Real-Time Monitoring Dashboards with Alerts
  • Up-to-the-Minute and Historical Reporting
  • Guaranteeing Quality and Performance

Experience Effortless Provisioning

Introducing our cutting-edge zero-touch provisioning tool, designed to simplify and streamline the provisioning process.

With our Provisioning tool, you can effortlessly provision, activate, and manage phones with minimal manual intervention. Say goodbye to time-consuming configurations and embrace a hassle-free provisioning experience.


  • Provisioning through one website
  • Streamlined activation
  • Minimal manual intervention
  • Say goodbye to time-consuming configurations
  • Enjoy hassle-free provisioning
Gif of Provisioning Portal

Experience Flawless Collaboration Anywhere, Anytime with the Web and Mobile App.

Our apps bring the power of unified communication right to your fingertips, ensuring you can collaborate effortlessly from anywhere and on any device.

Whether you’re at your desk, on a tablet, or using your mobile phone, you’ll enjoy a consistent and unified experience.

Communicate, Collaborate and Integrate!

We offer a wide range of CRM and integrated communication services, which we achieve via Go Communicator. Go Communicator is our state-of-the-art Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) tool that’s all about turbocharging your hosted phone system.

Effortless Dialling: Say goodbye to manual number dialling. With Go Communicator, you can dial out from your handset with just a simple click of your mouse, saving you time and effort.

Integrated Address Book: The built-in address book is a game-changer. It automatically pulls records from your integrated business apps, ensuring you always have up-to-date contact information at your fingertips.

Quick Access: Need to find or dial a contact quickly? The tray menu has you covered. With a straightforward contact name or number search, you can easily find what you’re looking for without breaking a sweat.

Extensive Integrations: We don’t skimp on options. It comes with over 40 integrations as standard, including the main players like Salesforce and HubSpot. This means you can faultlessly connect your communication software with your preferred tools for business

Caller Recognition: No more guessing who’s on the other end of the line. When an incoming call comes in, simply click on the incoming call, and their information pops up like magic. It’s all about streamlining your interactions for a smoother and more productive experience.

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