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Own Your Success: Unleash the Power of Full Platform Ownership

Experience our fully white labelled solutions giving you the Competitive Edge you need to succeed!

With our fully white labelled platform, you gain complete ownership. You can proudly display your brand to customers and end-users. This means you can transition from being the middleman to being the main player, showcasing only the logos and branding that matter to you.

At Luminate, our products are meticulously designed with our partners in mind, custom fit to meet their specific needs. We are devoted to providing partners with full autonomy over their unified communications services, so they can experience true platform ownership, without the stress of building it from the ground up.

Understanding that every partner is different, we offer full white labelling and advanced marketing support with a competitive pricing model. This empowers our partners to stand out and succeed in todays crowded market.

Ownership goes beyond your logo. It includes device setup, user management, SIP tracing, and analysis.

This means you have the power to troubleshoot platform issues, create domains, and make changes independently, without the need for constant network references.

Full Brand ownership

Tailored Solutions

Complete Autonomy

How we do it:

You get a fully branded platform that fits effortlessly with your existing needs. We follow your brand guidelines, incorporating your logo, colours, and design elements to ensure a seamless experience for your end-users.

Along with this customised portal, you receive essential white labelled marketing materials, including user guides for the web and mobile apps, as well as informative documents.

And guess what? It’s all branded to align with your image, giving you complete ownership and the ability to put your unique stamp on the platform. Your end-users? They’ll only ever see your branding, creating a consistent and memorable experience.

Why we encourage our Partners to present a cohesive brand image:

Maintain a Professional Image: 

Our Channel Partners level up their professionalism and appear larger in the market by presenting a fully branded platform and solution to their customers and end-users.

The Power of Colours: 

Selecting a signature colour, logo type, and other design elements for your brand can work wonders. Did you know that having a signature colour can boost brand recognition by a whopping 80%?

Consistency is Key:

When it comes to branding, consistency is golden! When showing a cohesive image across all channels can increase revenue by anywhere from 10% to 20%, by enhancing customer familiarity.


Building Trust:

Consistent branding goes beyond just looking professional. It also builds trust. In fact, 46% of consumers are willing to pay more for brands they trust, making trustworthiness a very valuable asset.

Easy White Labelling with Luminate

Access our collection of white-labelled documents effortlessly via our LMS. Customise these materials with your own logos, imagery and colour themes to maintain a consistent brand identity across all platforms.

User Guides

Info Docs

Sales Docs

Find out More

With our expertise, innovative technology, and commitment to your growth, we are your trusted partner in the world of UCaaS. Let’s embark on this journey together.