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Maximise Profit Margins with Our Sessions Model

Discover How Our Unique Pricing Approach Boosts Your Bottom Line

What makes us different?

Our innovative Sessions Model is designed to revolutionise the way you approach pricing and profit margins in todays competitive telecom market.

Unlike traditional per-seat or per-phone pricing, our Sessions Model is built around the concept of concurrent calls. This unique approach can significantly enhance your profitability by optimising your communication expenses.

Sessions made Simple

Imagine a pricing model that aligns perfectly with how you actually use your communication services. That’s what sessions are all about. Instead of paying for each user, you pay based on the number of active calls happening simultaneously.

On average, only 4% of employees are on a call at any given time. So, why pay for the 96% who aren’t actively using their phones?

Unlike other solutions, we actively encourage our Channel Partners to consider the use of sessions over seats. This innovative licensing approach not only boosts platform ownership but also magnifies control.

By opting for session-based licensing, you gain the flexibility to customise your product offerings and set your pricing, unlocking limitless potential for creating robust product lines tailored to your needs.

Increased profit margins by paying for what you use.

Ideal for partners targeting a deskless workforce growth.

Greater platform ownership and control.

Flexibility to customise products and prices

Licences With Luminate

At Luminate, we understand that flexibility is key.

While our sessions-based pricing model stands out, we haven’t forgotten about the tried-and-tested true licensing model. In fact, we still provide a competitive option in today’s telecom market, thanks to the comprehensive integrations and features included in with our standard license option.

With us, you get a full suite of offerings, from wallboards and analytics dashboards to call suite functionality—all bundled within the standard license. No hidden fees or extra costs here; just transparent and valuable solutions.

Turn Insights into Results:

It’s not just about collecting data; it’s about making it work for you. Get a clear view of your performance with Pre-built & Custom Performance Wallboards.

Extensive Learning Suite and Knowledgebase:

Access to our extensive Learning suite comes included as standard. You are granted access to learning courses and articles to help you master your platform.

Dashboards for Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts:

Stay on top of things with real-time monitoring and instant alerts or get the full picture with both real-time and historical reporting.

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With our expertise, innovative technology, and commitment to your growth, we’re your trusted partner in the world of UCaaS. Let’s embark on this journey together.